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Tuxis Giant - Apocalypse Blues - аккорды и текст

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Tuxis Giant - Apocalypse Blues - аккорды и текст

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Apocalypse Blues
Tuxis Giant
whose blood 

do they plan to feed me now? 
Dbmin            B
I think I've had enough 
of all my killing 

I should be leaving town
but you can't outrun the dead 
and they're running down my hands
so there's no forgetting them. 

you know, you look so good tonight 
I think you might be my final friend 
thought I'd pull my fangs 
but I think I'll indulge them 

'cause I can't fulfill my appetite 
see your blue eyes in the darkest night 
gold hair like a holy fire 
I can't get no relief... 

but you know that I'm full of shit 
I'll stop saying I can't get over it 
no white boy blues are permanent 
I just don't know what to do 

and you know I've been drinking too 
and it might be the Apocalypse 
'cause I thought I saw Him coming for us 
but it was just you with your arms like a crucifix 

we were walking down that dead-end street 
balancing on concrete 
when these words dug holes in your feet and hands 
'til it was the end.
Добавлено: 15.06.2016
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