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Tumbleweed Wanderers - Bag Of Bones - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tumbleweed Wanderers - Bag Of Bones - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bag Of Bones
Tumbleweed Wanderers
                             Bag Of Bones - Tumbleweed Wanderers
Tabbed by: SirRotenous

Tuning: EADGBe


This tab/chords is based off of the video of the Tumbleweed Wanderers Gondola Sessions performance, 
and it is not an exact representation. Check out the video to get the rhythm and feel 
of the song, and check out the band too! Apologies if I got some of the lyrics wrong.

The riff is played using an up/down picking style, the down picks are denoted with a "d" above
the note, and the up picks are denoted with a "u" above the note. This really helps to play the 
riff at the speed that he does and with fluidity. I highly reccomend watching the video to get it right. 

Intro/Riff/Outro                         Ending                     Alt. Ending
                                        /----------\               /------\
   d d  u d u d   u   d   u d d u d   u d d   d u            d   u d d d d
e|---3--3-3-3-3h5-3p0-------------------------------|       ---------------|
B|---1----1-----------3h5-3---3-3-3h5-3-1-----1-1---|       -3h5-3---------|
G|---0------------------------2---------------0-0---|       ---------------| 
D|---2------------------------3-----------0h2-2-2---|       ---------0-2---|
A|-3------------------------------------------------|       -------3-------|
E|--------------------------1-----------------------|       -------------1-|


C               F
I woke up 8 am, dropped my clothes and I shed my skin
C                           F
a cup of coffee in my hand, walked out the house a skeleton


C                              F
I sat down and tossed my head, stuck old glen in a shop in dead(?)
C                                 F
woman stole the corner of my eye, and followed her as she walked on by

Riff w/ alt. ending

F         C                 Bb    G
flesh fell from my shoulder, lady said hey you dropped something
F       C               Bb      G
want it, I won't bother, got no need for it no more


C                                  F
rode a bus to the end of the line, nowhere to go and all the time
C                        F
until I couldn't breath, I fell down and I got some sleep


C                                F
dreamt a ghost I couldn't shake, forgot my face and I lost my name
C                            F
wind chilled me to the bone, so I caught the last train home

Riff w/ alt. ending

F         C                 Bb      G
left mine, went for another, buried nose in the paper
F         C                Bb           G                  A
headlines, covered my body, they're the words to protect me

F C E F C Bb G

F         C                      Bb         G
thought I, could up and leave it, roots too deep to retreat it
F         C                 Bb          G
no longer, will I fight for, time spent running from shadows 

D         F                 C             E                       F
beautiful woman across from me, I saw her glance and our eyes did meet
            Am                E                       F                   G           C
we shared a smile, started to think what would she be doing with a bag of bones, like me

Добавлено: 17.10.2015
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