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Tuatha De Danann - Land Of Youth Tir Nan Og - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Tuatha De Danann - Land Of Youth Tir Nan Og - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Land Of Youth Tir Nan Og
Tuatha De Danann
Intro (D G/B D/C# D)4x (Bm A) D G/B D/C G/B

  D                   (G/B D/C G/B)*       D            G/B D/C G/B 
Different colours, wonderful flowers standing on my way...
    D             G/B D/C G/B       G 
A briliant music sounding from the grass yeah...
    D                  G/B D/C G/B       D            G/B D/C G/B 
I fell the embrace of land ,the birds are singing on my back
      D                  G/B D/C G/B       G  
What marvellous road I'm walking - Am I going mad?

     B             A     F#
You are no crazy neither mad
          B          A       F#  
You're entering the ancient land of youth

  D                  G/B D/C G/B 
Welcome this our home call Tir nan Og
  D                  G/B D/C G/B 
This magical song is played for you
  D                  G/B D/C G/B 
Let's dance and drink - we praise the love
  D                  G/B D/C G/B 
Come on young man ...let's go Uhaaaaa

(O "Riff Feliz")
Bm D G D D/C#
Bm F#m G A

  D                  G/B D/C G/B      D          G/B D/C G/B     
There's a constant happiness - The people never cry
 D                  G/B D/C G/B      G
A never ending dancE|- the fellows always getting high
 D                  G/B D/C G/B      D          G/B D/C G/B    
I wont return, will leave my ordinary world behind
 D                  G/B D/C G/B      G    Ab A 
I want to bring each one of you to fly high
 A                      G                            D
Call me your diamond - Maybe you can find something like this inside your own
A                 C        D                            E
Shameful running peoplE|- your masks will fall and the princes wont remember you

Bm D G D D/C#
Bm F#m G A


 D                 D/C     G/B                           D
You must think I'm Numb - May be I am but you can follow me right now
I'm Stoned by this air - Let's celebrate our diferences in this land
I can show you morE|- I can give you more...
You would never know how many gifts I could give you
The magical people want you here
Let your fate in the hands of theirs 

(C D)3x G A

Bm D G D D/C#
Bm Fm G A

(D G/B D/C# D) D

*G/B D/C G/B ou

Добавлено: 02.07.2012
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