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Tsol - Nothing For You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tsol - Nothing For You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nothing For You
NOTHING FOR YOU by TSOL  (from soundtrack for "return of the living dead" 1984 movie)

INTRO:   Am     F   x4  (best played as open chords and picked)

ALL IN:  Am     F   x4   (go to barre chords....F played on A string at 8th fret)


Am                 F
I got nothing for you
you can look under my rug
i got no smack for you
you're entranced from that drug
i got no tears for you
i got nothing to worry about
i got no fear for you, no, no, no
my guns just lay around

BREAK 1:  C      C      Bm       Bm
          C      C      D        D


Am                     F
my body is achin inside out
not for me, i've got place to hide
day to day, nights are wicked
stealing is my way of life
i got to pay my bills today
where'd i leave my knife?

BREAK 2:  Em     D     C      C   x3
          Em     D     G    stop

"no, no, no, no"

Am               F
i've got nothing for you (nothing for you)

repeat to fade.
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