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Trooper - Thin White Line - аккорды и текст, видео

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Trooper - Thin White Line - аккорды и текст, видео

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Thin White Line
Artist: Ra McGuire
Tabbed in part by: Will Dyess 

 Once upon a time
 You were a [C] friend of mine.
 We used to sing [G] songs
 All Night [D] Long.

 And I [G] trusted you
 Everything you [C] said was true.
 Now I can't get [G] Through to you,
 [D] Something's Wrong [G]

 There's a Thin White (G) Line
 Separating [C] Yours and mine
 Want me to be(G) lieve
 Everything is Fine,
 and the [D] Cow jumped [C] over the [G]moon.


 I guess Superman was right
 Some people need their [C}Kryptonite
 Gotta have [G] Something
 To take them a[D]way.

 [G]I don't know where you're going to
 But I know I can't go [C] There with you
 The Thin White [G] Line
 [D] Turned into A wall. [G]

 (Repeat Refrain-Instrumental)

 [E] Round trip ticket takes you back to where you started [C]
 It's hard to start again
 [E] One way ticket means you gotta go somewhere [F]
 Every (G)line's got an end....

 Once upon A (C)time
 You were a [F] Friend of mine
 We used to sing [C] songs
 All night [G] long.

 Then I [C] lost you,
 Just another [F]Friend it cost you.
 The thin white [C] line
 [G]Turned into A wall. [C]

 [Repeat Refrain and fade].
Добавлено: 03.05.2012
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