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Tragically Hip - Vaccination Scar - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Tragically Hip - Vaccination Scar - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Vaccination Scar
Tragically Hip
Intro (G5, A5x5)x4

So the chemistry's set, 
and I'm not the saddest cheerleader
to for-get the American word.
For the gang in the head 
     A                        Bm
that dwindles 'til no members when
The mystery's met, 
the sky looks threatened 
heading home in the dust,
singing 'Life Is Forgettin', 
A                   Bm  
good enough for the frivilous. 

G                 A
There's one thing I remember is
G                 A 
this tear on your bare shoulder,
G                 A 
this little silver boulder, 
this slowly falling star.
We're rolling, so what?
A                             Bm
Never getting older where the moon-shocked curtains part. 
The start of e-nough, 
  A                       Bm
a tear dropped in a vacci-nation scar. 

I'll tell ya if I'm able, that is, 
I'll tell ya like it is. 
   G                A
He went down like a bad card table, like 
Bm                        G
 ......the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, 
Bm                        G
 ......the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, 
Verse 2:

Swimming on a bit, 
"stop, you're treading water" as the sun assimilated the words. 
For lighthouse fire 
burning down to ember's end. 
The mystery met 
sky just reddened, 
heading home under dusk. 
Is life just forgettin' another word for frivilous? 
Little silver boulder, silence from Mars. 
For the heart of enough 
or a teardrop in a Vaccination Scar. 

Wherever you are, scar
Добавлено: 19.11.2013
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