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Traditional Irish - Limerick Rake - аккорды и текст, видео

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Traditional Irish - Limerick Rake - аккорды и текст, видео

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Limerick Rake
Traditional Irish
Capo 3

Am (G) (Am)

 Am                         C        Am
I am a young fellow that's easy and bold,
     G          Em        G          Em
In Castletown Conner I'm very well known;
    Am                     C      Am
In Newcastle West I spent many a note
      G         Em       Am    (G) (Am)
With Kitty and Judy and Mary.

     Am                    C
My parents rebuked me for being such a rake
          Em         G             Em         G
And for spending my time in such frolicsome ways,
       Am                           C        Am
But I ne're could forget the good nature of Jane,
        G      Em       Am    (G) (Am)
Agus fagaimid siud mar ata se.

         Am                            C            Am
There's some say I'm foolish, there's some say I'm wise,
            G                   Em          G             Em     
And I will find that there are women that think it's no crime;
     Am                    C           Am
The son of King David had ten hundred wives
          G          Em       Am    (G) (Am)
And his wisdom was highly regarded.

     Am                      C        
In Euclid and grammar they taught me to write
        Em             G          Em             G
But my heart, it was stolen by a pair of brown thighs
      Am                             C           Am
That came from the mountains, her stockings of white,
     G          Em          Am     (G) (Am)
I'd love to be tied to her garter.

     Am                         C              Am
And some yearn for silver, and some yearn for gold
           G            Em             G           Em
In there Devonshire's treasure's are twenty times more,
          Am                         C           Am
But he's lying on his back amongst nettles and stones,
       G      Em    Am      (G) (Am)
Agus fagaimid mar a ata se.

Am                                    C
Then when I'm on my back and they've laid to my rest
     Em          G          Em         G
the women will crowd for to cry at my wake,
         Am                        C       Am (hold)
They'll gather around and they'll offer a prayer

(no music)

To the Lord for the soul of their father.

Am C 
Em G Em G
Am   C Am
G Em Am (G) (Am)


Mandolin Tabs

tuned E A D G

Okay so there are tabs here for the melody to be played
on mandolin along with the song, no capo on the mandolin,
it's already in the correct key.

/ = slide

h = hammer on


Добавлено: 15.09.2015
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