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Tracy Grammer And Dave Carter - Gas Station Girl - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tracy Grammer And Dave Carter - Gas Station Girl - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gas Station Girl
Tracy Grammer And Dave Carter
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Gas Station Girl

CAPO: 2nd Fret


C            G         C
She ain't no senator's daughter
She ain't no Tennessee belle
    C          C7         F            C
And I ain't no one, but a lone drifter running
                 G       C     G
The road down to Playa Miguel 

  C           G            C
I met her out west pumping diesel
In a town where the sand meets the sea 
        C           C7           F           
She was leather and snaps and an old baseball cap
C             G               C
She stole the wild heart from me

   F             G        C
So take all your debutant princesses fair
F           C            G
Splendid in diamonds and pearls
    C             G        C           F
I'd trade 'em all in for a kiss on the wind
         C         G           C     G
From the lips of a gas station girl 

C          G        C
Out on the Michigan freeway
Working a steady job there
      C         C7           F          C  
I was pulling a car-lot from Detroit to Charlotte
               G            C
I guess I just lost her somewhere

F                G        C
Midnight through Kansas I whispered her name
F         C            G
Spun in a dust-devil's whirl
C        G             C          F
No one replied but the moon in my eyes
       C             G           C     G
Crying tears for the gas station girl 

INSTRUMENTAL: C  G  C   G  C  C7  F  C  G  C

C        G         C
Somebody send me a tail wind
Get me as far as LA
          C             C7         F          C  
With some lines I could use from a honky-tonk blues
                G         C
To keep me from slipping away

F            G              C
Lord blow me westbound down old '66
F            C          G
Out past the end of the world
     C            G                C            F
On a highway that runs through the heart of the sun
       C           G           C    
To the door of the gas station girl

OUTRO: C  G  C  F  C  G  C
Добавлено: 01.09.2015
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