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Toy Dolls - If You're in a Pop Group... - текст песни, видео

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Toy Dolls - If You're in a Pop Group... - текст песни, видео

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[If You're In A Pop Group You'll End Up Paying A Fortune Practicing At Peter Practice's Practice Place]

Give'z the money Peter Practice says to us
Give'z the money quickly don't make a fuss
Give'z the money....
Pete takes the pop groups he'll even take the trash
But if you practice at Peter's place
You must have plenty cash

Give Pete the money the he'll let you have the key
Give Pete the money then you can practice free
It's icey cold in Peter's place
But don't switch on the heater
Coz you'll end up putting 10 quid in
Pete's electric meter.

Do you want some crisps and pop?
They're all on sale at Pete's tuck shop
We will have to put a stop to Peter

We all give Peter the money
We've all been nway
We all give Peter the money now
Give'z the cash give'z the bread
Give'z the money
Money's gone to Peter's head.

If you are stuck
Pete will lend you an amplifier
But when it's time to go
He'll say five pound hire

Do you want some crisps and pop?...


All the pop groups are nearly broke
This has gone far beyond the joke
Peter Practice is a rich bloke now
Добавлено: 12.12.2013
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