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Townes Van Zandt - Niles River Blues - текст песни, видео

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Townes Van Zandt - Niles River Blues - текст песни, видео

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By townes van zandt

On the banks of the niles I courted my love

I walked with her soft as a mournin dove

I loved her true I swear I still do

And now shes gone without me

I walk by the banks and give the lord thanks

That I had the chance to court her

I dont know why he flew her away

I dont know why Im left here

The niles runs cold and clear

As cold and clear as my tears

Ill never forget, Ill never regret

Those days on the beautiful niles

Her name was diane her beautiful hands

Were soft as the pearls in the water

I looked in her eyes they were blue as the skies

And now Ive gone and left her

Ill follow her down the way to the river

Follow her now, now and forever

Shes my one and only smile

On the beautiful banks of the niles

Someday soon neath the light of the moon

When the sun and the rain shine together

Ill meet her down where the waters flow

And continue to flow forever

Down on the banks of the beautiful niles

I wonder what I can be thinking

Down on the banks of that beautiful river

Ill wander, look for her forever

Ill wander, look for her forever
Добавлено: 26.01.2014
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