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Tori Kelly - Ink Snippet - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tori Kelly - Ink Snippet - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ink Snippet
Tori Kelly
This is my first tab and I totally figured it out by accident. Ink hasn't been released as a full song but if 
you want to play along with the snippet these chords sound okay!
The link to her snippet is here if you didn't know:

Capo 4
Standard tuning EADGBe

(Verse 1)
Esus4          D
Burn the page, I'm ripping up another one. 

C                        A
I'm probably the world's worst librarian. 

Esus4             D
It's the noisiest this place has ever been. 

C                  A
I apologize if you can't find your way in.

Esus4               D              C           A
Sorry for the mess, been tryin' to organize my thoughts. 

Esus4               D                 C        A
You can stay if you like. But just in case you forgot...

      Esus4         D
In my mind, it gets loud.

          C                A
All these words, all these sounds.

      Esus4        D 
In my heart, in my ears.

     C                      A 
I'm surprised, you're still here.

Esus4            D
I know I seem to hesitate,

C              A
I tend to over-think;

Esus4                    D
But I'm just scared that you'll write down,

C                           A  
Every single move I make in ink.

Esus4  D  C  A (x2)
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