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Tom Waits - Wrong Side of The Road - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Waits - Wrong Side of The Road - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Wrong Side of The Road
Tom Waits
Bm  Bbm  Bm  F#  F#7  Bm  Bbm  Bm  F#  F#7 

Bm                    F#7
Put a dead cat on the railroad tracks, 
Bm                             F#7
the Wolf-bains blooming by the tressels.
        E7                           F#7           
Get the eyeball of a rooster and the stones from a ditch
    E7                                 F#7
and wash 'em down with bilge water and say you'll never snitch.

         Bm                                F#7
Take the buttons from a yellow jacket, the feather from a buzzard.
    Bm                            F#7
The blood from the bounty hunters cold black heart.
          E7                    F#7
Catch the tears of a widow in a thimble made of glass. 
          E7                          F#7
Tell your Mama and your Papa they can kiss your ass.

Bm                          F#7
Poison all the water in the wishin' well
    Bm                              F#7
and hang all them scarecrows from a sycamore tree.
     E7                              F#7
Burn down all them honeymoons put 'em in a pillow case
         E7                               F#7
and wait next to the switch blades at the amusement park for me.

Bm                                   F#7
Strangle all the Christmas carolers, scratch out all the prayers.
        Bm                      F#7
Tie 'em up with barbed wire and push 'em down the stairs.
     E7                               F#7
I'll whittle you a pistol for keepin' nightmares off your blinds.
      E7                             F#7
Those sons 'o bitches always seem to sneak up from behind.

Bm                           F#7
Syphon all the gas from your Daddys pick-up truck.
Bm                        F#7
Fill up Johnnys T-Bird, I got a couple bucks.
    E7                         F#7
Put on a little perfume, rap a ribbon in your hair.
        E7                         F#7
Careful that you don't wake up the hounds.

Bm                               F#7
Tear a bolt of lightning off the side of the sky.
Bm                                  F#7
Throw it in the cedar chest, if you want I'll tell you why. 
E7                               F#7
Bring the gear shift knob from a 49 Merc.
   E7                             F#7
Ly down here beside me and let me hold you in the dirt.

Bm                             F#7
You're gonna tremble, tear the throat out of the night.
          Bm                               F#7
Sink your teeth into my shoulder, dig your nails into my back.
          E7                 F#7
Tell that little girl to let go of my sleeve. 
            E7                                F#7
You'll be a woman when I catch you, come baby fall in love with me.

     Bm                          F#7
With my double barrel shotgun, a whole box of shells,
      Bm                     F#7
we'll celebrate the 4th of July.
           E7               F#7
We'll do a 100 mph spendin' someone elses dough.
      E7                         F#7               Bm
Drive all the way to Reno on the wrong side of the road.

F#7                      Bm    F#7                   Bm
On the wrong side of the road. The wrong side of the road.
F#7                   Bm    F#7                   Bm
The wrong side of the road.
F#7                 Bm  F#7                 Bm
Bap doo da, bap doo da. Bap doo da, bap doo da.


There's a bit more going on in this song than is written here such as
? Bbm to Bm to Bm7   &   ? F  to F# to F#7   &   E to E7 
and such but this should help as a starter.
Constructive criticism, correction and/or rating is appreciated. Enjoy! 
Добавлено: 29.06.2013
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