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Tom Waits - Pay Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Waits - Pay Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pay Me
Tom Waits
Tom waits 'Pay me' from his new album 'bad as me' I had to learn it in some 
fashion, so any mistakes or advice are appreciated.. after all I WANT to play it 
best I can.. Play as a waltz.

Capo 3rd fret. 

C            C (x32013)
They pay me not to come home..
Keeping me stoned..
  Am  Am7        D7
I won't run away.. 
   C                 C (x32013)
They say it's easy to get.. 
Stuck in this town.. 
Just like Joan. 
C                                  C7
You know I gave it all up for the stage.. 
              E7              E7 (x20130)
They fill my cup up.. in the cage.. 
              Dm           F             G
It's no ones business but mine when I'm low.. 
                  Dm          F             G    G6  G
To hold yourself ups not a crime here you know..
At the end of the world.. 
 C            G              Am  Am7
So I kick my feet at the lights.. 
F           C        G  G6  G
Breathe it in all night..
 C                    G        Am  Am7
There's a light in a canvass tree. 
 F          C         G
Money from home supports me.. 
 C                       C (x32013)
They pay me not to come home.. 
I won't eat crow.. 
Am  Am7        D7
I'll stay away.. 
    C            G             C         F
And though all roads will not lead you home my dear..
 C                     Em  G         C   
All roads lead to the end.. of the world
   C                  G                C         F
And I'll so a little luck up into the hem of my gown..
C                             Em  G           C 
The only way down from the gallows.. is.. to swing 
C                G         C            F
And I will wear boots, instead of high heels.. 
C                        Em  G            C    F  C
And the next stage i'm on.. will.. have wheels 
Добавлено: 30.03.2012
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