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Tom Waits - On The Nickel Live - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Waits - On The Nickel Live - аккорды и текст, видео

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On The Nickel Live
Tom Waits
On the Nickel (A Wino's Lullabye)
Based on this live performance from 1979

Chorded by GWiZ (

Capo on 4th Fret. 

Verse 1:
G                      D
Sticks and stones will break my bones,
G                    D
But I always will be true,
G                  D        /c#   Bm   
When your mama is dead and gone,
               Em               A7sus4 - A7
I'll sing this lullaby just for you,
G                    D 
So what becomes of little boys,
G                   D
Who never say their prayers,
G                            D Bm
Well they're sleepin' like a baby,
       Em7    A7   D
On the Nickel over there.

G                  D
And if you chew tobacco,
G                  D
And wish upon the star,
G                                D  /c#    Bm 
Well you'll find out where the scarecrows sit,
                    Em                     A7sus4 - A7
Man they look like punchlines between the cars,
G                          D
And I know a place where a royal flush,
G                D 
Can never beat a pair,
G                D     Bm
And even Thomas Jefferson,
          Em      A7   D
Is on the nickel over There.

G                  D
So ring around the rosie,
G                     D 
You're sleepin in the rain,
G                           D  Bm
And you're always late for supper,
           Em             A7 
And man you let me down again,
G                   D 
I thought I heard a mocking bird,
G                D
Roosevelt knows where,
G                            D     Bm
They're whisteling past the grave yard
                   Em      A    D
And they're on the nickel over there.

G                   D
So what becomes of little boys,
G                  D
That run away from home,
G                         D     Bm
Well the world keeps gettin' bigger,
Em                     A7sus4 - A7
Once you get out on your own,

G                           D
So climb up thru that buttonhole,
G                       D
And fall right up the stairs,
G                         D        Bm
I'll show you where the short dogs go,
       Em       A7sus4  A7  D
On the nickel...over there.

Seque into riff from Waltzing Matilda (not Tom Traubert's Blues)

D F#7 Bm G
D Bm Em A
D F#7 Bm G
D Bm A D

Notes: Since this is played on the Piano originally, there's a lot of fiddling with singular tones to widen 
the sound, generally you can feel free to experiment with 7's and sus4 and sus2s. The ending Waltzing Matilda
chord progression is a little different than the chords I found anywhere, the F#7 is a Tom Waits substitution
but just sounds great.
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