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Tom Waits - Annie's Back in Town - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Waits - Annie's Back in Town - аккорды и текст, видео

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Annie's Back in Town
Tom Waits
    Another Waits tune I noticed had not been tabbed on UG,
    here's how I noodle it.

    Hope it helps.

    If it's any use to you ....... please rate it

                       ANNIES BACK IN TOWN

    F#m = 244222,  E7sus4 = X20200,  Em7 = 020100,  D6 = XX0202

    C#m = X46654,  B7 = X21202,  

              A                F#m            E7sus4       Em7
  Well the evening it stumbles home,  With it's tie undone
           A            F#m       E7sus4     Em7
  And the moon sweeps Alabama,  As usual
            A       D6          C#m        F#m      B7      E7sus4  Em7
  You lie awake at night, You remember her name,  Annies back in    town

         A              F#m           E7sus4     Em7
  Oh, I know why your drinking,  And I know your alibis
            A        F#m             E7sus4       Em7
  So don't make up excuses,  For the tears in your eyes
              A     D6       C#m       F#m                  B7      E7sus4  Em7
  And your falling back,  In love,    Again,   Now that,  Annies back in   town

A A7       E7sus4              Em7                      A              A7
  When you came down to the grapevine,  And put your business on the street
                       F#m             C#m             E7sus4      Em7
  I hear you've been hanging out 'till dawn, In some lunchroom
             A                  D6            A                  Fm7
  Oh, You thought you'd gotten over her, But that was 'till you found
      E7sus4           Em7
  That Annies back in town

             A              F#m                      E7sus4           Em7
   Oh, The corner boys are trouble makers,   And the sailors all are fools
                            A                F#m                   E7sus4  Em7
   You know it seems like some things around here I guess'll never change
                  A               D6                      C#m        F#m
   Oh, But it's always good for business, Guess we'll be seeing you around
              B7     Bm   E7sus4   A      D6   F#m    B7   Bm  E7sus4  Em7   A
   Now that Annies, Back,   In,   Town
Добавлено: 30.04.2015
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