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Tom Rosenthal - Its Ok - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Rosenthal - Its Ok - аккорды и текст, видео

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Its Ok
Tom Rosenthal
Obviously this song is piano-led in Tom's version, but strumming chords on the guitar makes the song sound
decent. If you want to give the song a more chill vibe, finger picking also works, especially alternating
between the thumb on the primary bass note with the first and second fingers at the same time on the upper
strings. I will tab what strings I play by putting the string number next to the chord like this:
CHORD (Thumb, Index Middle)

The recorded song is in B, but I will provide chords in the key of G, which means
Capo 4.

Am: (5,43)

Am/G: (6,43) (This is the only chord I am uncertain about, but it sounds pretty close...)

C: (5,32)

Em: (5,32)

G: (6,43)

C: (5,43)

Em: (5,43)

D: (6,43)

Intro: Am, Am/G, C, Em

Am               Am/G              C              Em
Keep me here, my heart is near, my love has gone away.
Tell me true, my heart is new, my love has gone away.

Interlude: G, C, Em, D

G     C            Em                   D
It's ok, I know someday I'm gonna be with you.

Speak to me, my heart is free, my love has gone away.
Tell me true, my heart is blue, my love has gone away.

Bridge: Am, Am/G, C, Em
Добавлено: 31.07.2015
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