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Tom Petty - Making Some Noise - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Petty - Making Some Noise - аккорды и текст, видео

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Making Some Noise
Tom Petty
Tom Petty - Making Some Noise

  When I was a young boy
I was workin' for the state
I wasn't makin' much money
I was stayin' out late
Go down at nighttime and
Play music in the bars
Take my breaks out underneath the stars

      Gm                C
I was makin' some noise
        G               C
I was a workin' boy 
up at the top of my voice
         Dm                  Bb                 
Sayin', "Look at me mama I'm makin' some noise"

F G   F  G  F G

I had to rock the boat, I had to shake the tree
To see what'd fall down on me
I thought, "Maybe I can make it if I never give in
I been down before, I ain't goin' down again."


From across the canyon a guitar plays
Through an amplifier on long delay
It was an old melody, I recognized the song
         Gm                              C
I had an amplifier too, so I played along

Rpt Chorus:

    G                 C           G            C
I'm makin' some noise,   I been a long gone boy
at the top of my voice
         Dm                   Bb
singing "look at me muma, I'm making some noise"
Добавлено: 07.09.2015
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