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Tom Milsom - Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Milsom - Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Milsom
This was figured out and written by and I kinda 
stole them when I made this and you should visit her blog because she's cool and I'm sorry.

F                          Bb       F

I don't know how to talk to you

F                           Bb         C
All of the things I've put you through

Dm          F          Bb                 F         C

All of the wonderful things we've seen ‘til now

      Dm                                Bb               C
Will take us to right where we started out somehow

Dm       F
And it's alright

      C                        Bb            Dm
After all the nightmare battles we've endured

Dm     F
And I'd like

         C                                   Bb
After all of this for you to be assured

Bb               F            C                    Dm   
When you're tired of the gruelling realm we roam

F            C        F
It's time for us to go home

F                           Bb      F
Once we were like a team of two

F                              Bb        C
You loved the things I made for you

            Dm           F                  Bb           F     C 
It would feed you, sustain you and give you a headstart

     Bb                                            F                    C
And slowly you've starved and we've climbed ourselves apart
Dm          F
But we'll be fine

        C                         Bb          Dm
If we take the path that everybody takes

Dm      F
We'll be fine

           C                                      Bb
We can learn from all the previous mistakes

Bb      F
I'm just glad

           C          Dm    
I'm not doing this alone

               F           C                     F
And you'll always be here to take me home
(I have no idea what the exact chords are for this next bit but I know how to make it work) 

(I don't know sorry)
Don't worry about me 

Dm   F
I'll be fine

         C        Bb         Dm

Let me go out of sight, it's ok

Dm    F               C
I'll call back, call you up

Let you know if there's a way

Dm     F               C       Bb
But if you'd rather I didn't phone

Well that's ok

   C                     Dm
I'll see you when I get home

(Idk the end but I just use this): Dm F C Bb Dm C F
Добавлено: 14.06.2013
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