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Tom Lehrer - In Old Mexico - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Lehrer - In Old Mexico - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Tom Lehrer
Авторы текста: Tom Lehrer
In Old Mexico
Tom Lehrer
In old Mexico
by Tom Lehrer

          D              Fdim    A7
When it's fiesta time in Guada-lajara,

Then I long to be back once again
       A9+5  D
In old Mexi-co.
Where we lived for today,
      Am/C     B7         Em
Never giving a thought to tomara.
To the strumming of gui-tars,
In a hundred grubby bars
I would whisper "te amo."

D7       G                D
The mari-achis would sere-nade,
         A7                               D
And they would not shut up till they were paid.
D7 G                          D
We ate, we drank, and we were merry,
           A7                D
And we got typhoid and dysen-tery.

E7  Am                                   G
But best of all, we went to the plaza de toros.
Now whenever I start feeling morose,
                           E7    F
I revive by recalling that scene.
E7  Am                                       G
And names like belmonte, dominguin, and mano-lete,
If I live to a hundred and eighty,
I shall never forget what they mean.

A  GM  A

D       Eb     D     Eb
(for there is surely nothing more beautiful in this

World than the sight of a lone man facing singlehandedly

A half a ton of angry pot roast!)

D            Eb
Out came the matador,
    D              Eb
Who must have been potted or
D           Eb                          D    Eb/A  D  Eb/A  D  Eb/A  D          
Slightly in-sane, but who looked rather bored.
Then the picadors of course,
     D          Eb
Each one on his horse,
  D         Eb                       D   Eb/A   D   Eb/A   D   Eb/A
I shouted "ole!" ev'ry time one was gored.

  G                     D
I cheered at the bandil-leros' display,
        A7                      D
As they stuck the bull in their own clever way,
    G                    D        F#m7  B7
For I hadn't had so much fun since the day
   Em            A7
My brother's dog rover
        D    Eb
Got run over.

D   Eb   D   Eb   D
(rover was killed by a pontiac. and it was done with

Such grace and artistry that the witnesses awarded the

Driver both ears and the tail - but I digress.)

    D          Eb
The moment had come,
   D           Eb
I swallowed my gum,
   D               Eb                       D  Eb  D  Eb  D  Eb  D
We knew there'd be blood on the sand pretty soon.
    D               Eb
The crowd held it's breath,
D           Eb
Hoping that death
      D           Eb                   D  Eb  D  Eb  D  Eb  D
Would brighten an otherwise dull after-noon.

D7           G                   D
At last, the matador did what we wanted him to.
   A7                       D 
He raised his sword and his aim was true.
D7      G                 D        B7
In that moment of truth I suddenly knew
     Em          A7        D     Eb  D  A7 
That someone had stolen my wallet.

A7       D                 Fdim  A7
Now it's fiesta time in ak-ron, ohio,
                                        A9+5    D
But it's back to old Guadalajara I'm longing to go.
                  F#m            Am/C   B7        Em
Far away from the strikes of the A.F. of L. and C.I.O.
How I wish I could get back
To the land of the wetback,
                   C7-5   B7
And forget the Alamo,
Em  A7      D   Eb  D
In old Mexi-co.      

SHOUT - Ole!

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