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Tom Lehrer - I Got It From Agnes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Lehrer - I Got It From Agnes - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Got It From Agnes
Tom Lehrer
                   I Got It from Agnes - Tom Lehrer

Tabbed by: Dave S. 

Tuning: Standard (CAP0 3rd Fret)

          G                      F
I love my friends, and they love me
              B7              Em
We're just as close as we can be
           Eb              Ab
And just because we really care
            B7      Eb
Whatever we get, we share

G                    C               G
I got it from Agnes, She got it from Jim
   D            G               A                     D
We all agree it must have been, Louise who gave it to him
G                      B7              Em
She got it from Harry, Who got it from Marie
    A                    D7                   G
And everybody knows that Marie... Got it from me

G                         C               G
Giles got it from Daphne, She got it from Joan
    D               G            A                  D
Who picked it up in County Cork, kissin the Blarney Stone
G                             B7                   Em
Pierre gave it to Sheila, Who must have brought it there
   A                                D7           G
He got it from Francois and Jacques Aha... Lucky Pierre

G                          C             G
Max got it from Edith, Who gets it every spring
    D               G               A              D
She got it from her Daddy, Who just gives her everything
G                                 B7             Em
She then gave it to Daniel, Whose spaniel has it now
    A                              D7                 G   
Our dentist even got it, And we're still... wondering how

G                           C            G    
But I got it from Agnes, Or maybe it was Sue
   D                   G
Or Millie or Billie or Gillie or Willie
   A              D
It doesn't matter who
It might have been at the club
          B7             Em
Or at the pub, or in the loo
And if you will be my friend
       D7                              A7       
Then I might mind you, mind you I said might
D7         G
Give it to you  
Добавлено: 09.05.2012
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