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Tom Chaplin - Its Over - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tom Chaplin - Its Over - аккорды и текст, видео

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Its Over
Tom Chaplin
This is a very easy version of the song, hope you can get it and enjoy it

G                   Am
Our love began in a winter
Created a springtime
           C      G
A glorious summer too
G                     Am
And how I remember the feeling
You were a young thing
             C          G
Oh how I had longed for you
Em           Bm
Love without question
  C           G
A home for my heart
    Em         Bm
And someone to stop me
     C        D
From falling apart
G                         Am
And every time I saw your smile
I thought my heart would jump a mile
And I knew that all the hurt
       C    G
It was o----ver
G                             Am
But time flies and changes the season
It offers no reason
              C      G
It suffers no saving grace
G                           Am
I hoped that the impossible feeling
Could weather a lifetime
                    C     G
And I'd die in your warm embrace
Em        Bm            C               G
We never questioned the road stretching on
     Em         Bm          C              D
Then one day we woke up and somehow it was gone
G                            Am
Oh how this life can drift on by
I watched the love between us die
And I knew that in my heart
       C    G
It was o----ver
G                         Am
Now every time I see your face
My heart breaks in a different place
And I know down in the dark
That it's o----ver
     Am    C     D
It's o-----o-----ver
Добавлено: 03.01.2016
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