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Todd Sweeney - Wigmaker's Sequence - текст песни, видео

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Todd Sweeney - Wigmaker's Sequence - текст песни, видео

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SWEENEY (spoken):

ANTHONY (spoken):
Mr. Todd!
I found Johanna!
That monster of a judge has her locked away in a madhouse!


Where no one can reach her!
At Fogg's Asylum!
Oh, Mr. Todd!
She is in there with these screeching, gibbering maniacs!

A madhouse!
A madhouse?
Johanna is as good as rescued!
Where do you suppose all the wigmakers in London go to obtain their human hair?
They get their hair from the lunatics at Bedlam!
For the right amount, they'll sell you any hair off any madman's head.
We'll write a note to this Mr. Fogg at the highest price for the exact shade of Johanna's!
Which I trust you know?


That's not exact enough!
I must make you into a credible wigmaker!
And quickly, too!

SWEENEY (sung):
There's tawny, and there's golden sapphron
There's flaxon, and there's blonde!
Repeat that!

ANTHONY (sung):
Yes, Mr. Todd!
There's tawny, and there's golden sapphron
There's flaxon, and there's blonde!

There's coarse, theres straight, there's fine and curly
There's grey, there's white as ashes...

Sweeney waited too long before
But never again, he swore
Fortune arrived, Sweeney had sang,
Sweeney was ready and Sweeney sprang
Sweeney's problems went up in smoke
All within a single stroke
Sweeney was sharp, Sweeney was burning
Sweeney began the end inferno
Sweeney! Sweeney! Sweeney! Sweeney!

There's finer texture, ash looks fair!
Which makes it rare, but flaxon's rare...

No, no!
The flaxon's cheaper!

Flaxon's cheaper, not rarer!

SWEENEY (spoken):
Now off with you, Anthony!
And remember, when you have rescued Johanna, bring here here!
And I will guard her while you hire the chase to Plymouth.

ANTHONY (spoken):
I will be with you before the evening's out, Mr. Todd!
Thank you,
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