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Toby Keith - Clancys Tavern - аккорды и текст, видео

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Toby Keith - Clancys Tavern - аккорды и текст, видео

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Clancys Tavern
Toby Keith
Clancy's Tavern - Toby Keith

    C          G         Am          F       C          G            F
Any minute the 5 o'clock crowd will be coming, taps'll be flowing with beer
    C         G        Am       F             C     G           C 
The cigarette smoke is soon to be risin' and at 5:30 Clancy gets here
    F                            G                          C                            F
She knows all their faces, she's practically raised them and that's why they're loyal and true
C                 G        Am           F                              G             C  
They'll pay their tabs and that pays the light bill and she keeps their glass full of brew 

        Em                              F  
And the welders and the drivers and the old nine to fivers 
        C                    F
And the regular Joe's of the world
            C             G               Am           F 
Are singing here's to you Clancy and your neighborhood tavern
C        G         C 
Pour me another my girl

There's a waitress named Lily shows up at 7, to make sure their service is great
And there's a black dude named Elmo that cooks in the kitchen, burgers & chicken fried steak
Yeah round 9 o'clock the band will start playing, and the music will fill up the air
Then they'll take a break every 45 minutes, and the jukebox takes over from there

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