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Tim Rogers The Twin Set - Up-a-ways - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tim Rogers The Twin Set - Up-a-ways - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tim Rogers The Twin Set
Up-A-Ways: Tim Rogers & the Twin Set

From: What Rhymes With Cars & Girls (1999)

Tabbed: David Lane

Tuning: Standard



              C     G    E/G#  A7
You know that I get told so    many times
D7                          Fm     G
Boy you gotta grow you some roots
    C         G    E/G#        A7
The wondering dues sound oh so good in a tune
        D7                                 G7
But you need some place to wipe all off that mud off your boots


Fm                  C
C'mon and grab your hat
     Fm           D7    G7
Your suitcase and your cash
C            G           E/G#
Pack up your dacks, your hat
You're leaving today
      D7              G7                    C    G7
We're checking out to check out what's up a ways


Well you look past me with them sleepy eyes
'Hey girl I gotta leave before the sun catches me'
As if your wondering ways don't suit me spending my days
I'm thanking god you aint around while I'm painting my nails


Come lay down your hat
Your suitcase and your stash
Just make damn sure you aint around
When those milk bottles hit the ground
Go on and get lost there up a ways


Well she sure was pretty and she sure did kiss good
I almost saw her face cellotaped to my suitcase
I'm car sick I'm punch drunk and I don't like to fly
But there's always something far off that catches my eye


And its an age old tune
I only know where I am when I move
So pack up your smalls
Your Pall Malls, your ash tray
We're checking out to check out what's up a ways



Oh don't make me no coffee don't you butter my toast
I'll send you a polaroid by overnight post
Well blow me away if thats the best you can do
Just sweep off that dirt that fell off your boots


And its an age old tune
You only know where ya are when you move
But boy this aint no relationship
So spare me all that gracious shit

                       C     A7
Go on get lost on up a ways
        D7             G7                   C     A7
Oh just pack on up and head off up a ways
        D7             Fm               C7
Oh just pack on up and I'm heading off up a ways
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