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Tim Mcgraw - Everybody Hates Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tim Mcgraw - Everybody Hates Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Everybody Hates Me
Tim Mcgraw
Alright, This is my first tab, and its a fairly easy song. There is an intro and filler 
riff but the rest is just chords. Hope you all enjoy. Message me with any suggestions or 
alterations you think are needed.

Artist: Tim McGraw
Album: Live Like You Were Dying
Song: Everybody Hates Me

Tabbed By: Demascion Lycan

Chords: (You can play it with the open chords, but it sounds better with the bars)
   C     F     G     Am
e| 3     1     3     5
B| 5     1     3     5
G| 5     2     4     5
D| 5     3     5     7
A| 3     3     5     7
E| 3     1     3     5

Intro Riff:
                   C  F F  C
E|3-5---------5----3--1-1--3--|    x2

Verse 1:
C                         F
Well Joe got a promotion
C                    F
He's up there on top
Everybody was cheerin' him on
He deserves everything he's got

     G              F
Guess who's the new talk of the town
G           C
The new S.O.B.
The one everybody loves cuttin' down
G                      C
Man it's a sight to see
                     F            G             Am  G  F
They all smile right to his face, and hide the jealousy
Me I'm just working hard to get to that place,
G (Silence)
Where everybody hates me

(Repeat Intro Riff)

(Verse 2 Same as Verse 1)
Well Bill got a promotion
He knocked Joe back down
Now Joe's everybody's long lost friend HA!
He's back in the crowd

(Repeat Chorus)

Am                      G
Well everybody wants to be the big dog
Wanna wag that big dog tail
    Am                 G                     F (Let it ring)
But til' they are they wanna see the big dog fail

(Exit chorus)
G                         F
You pay your dues and you get your breaks
G                 C
Then your the S.O.B.
The one everybody loves to hate
G                      C
It just comes naturally
                     F            G              Am  G  F
They all smile right to your face, and hide the jealousy
                                C            G (Silence)
That's just the way it goes and I can't wait
(No Chords)
Til everybody hates me

Repeat Intro Riff to End
Добавлено: 03.10.2013
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