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Tim And Eric - Father And Son - таба, видео

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Tim And Eric - Father And Son - таба, видео

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Tim and Eric - "Father and son" (guitar solo)

Original video:
The solo part is between 12:41 and 12:56

I've chopped that part, in here:

And there is also this excellent cover (not mine), which helped writing the tab:

Tuning: EADGBe

e -------------------------|
B ---13b14b13-13--10----10-|
G -------------------12----|
D -------------------------|
A -------------------------|
E -------------------------|

e --------------16---15p13p12--13p12-15p12-13p12-15p12-13p12-13p12-13p12-|
B --13b14b13-13----------------------------------------------------------|
G -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------|

e -21b23b21~~--14---------------|
B ----------------17------------|
G -------------------14p13~~~x--|
D ------------------------------|
A ------------------------------|
E ------------------------------|

"13b14b13" means pluck "13", bend it till it sounds like "14", and from there release slowly untill
it sounds again like "14"

Play with distortion.
Добавлено: 09.10.2015
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