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The Tillers - Willy Dear - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Tillers - Willy Dear - аккорды и текст, видео

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Willy Dear
The Tillers
The Tillers
Willy Dear

Through some nice country hammers while playing the chords.
Walk the bass note from the G > F# > Em.

G C G 
D G C G 
G Em 

   G                 C                           G
Oh Willy Dear you've got a mind to leave me once again.

  D             G                  C                  G
I see your ship upon the shore and freight all loaded in'

 G                                                    Em
"Oh Lizzy dear you know that I must ship out with the crew.

    G                              C                 G
And though the river carries me my heart remains with you"

  G          C                                  G
Willy's ship departed from the docks early next day

 D               G        C           G
Elizabeth looked on as he floated far away

         G                                                 Em
From the house upon the hill she'd wait and watch the rver bend

        G                               C           G
For the ship to bring her own true love safely home again

   G                 C                                       G
He toiled aboard the boat for months with hands so rough and raw

    D             G             C                G
She waited for a letter as the sun did rise and fall

  G                                                   Em
Until one day she saw the smoke and heard the hissing steam

    G                             C            G
The weary ship returning from the haul to New Orleans

Em C G

     G            C                                  G
Just then a loud explosion broke and trembled hills around

    D               G             C                  G
Her eyes so wide in horror as the tears came pouring down

     G                                                     Em
From bow to stern the ship did burn, she heard the sailor's cry

   G                                    C              G
The flame and fire of rapture lighting up the midnight sky

     G                C                               G               
Then with a trembling hand upon the pen she wrote for he

      D                G              C            G
"The world can show no beauty if with you I cannot be

   G                                              Em
Oh loneliness, I can't endure to drown in sorrows tide

   G                       C              G
I go to meet my Willy dear upon the other side"

     G               C                              G
Next day a ship come rolling in and anchored in the wake

 D               G           C               G
Aboard was Willy Thompson on arrival one day late

  G                                                 Em
As fast as he could travel, and through the door he broke

 G                                     C              G
And up the stairs he found his darling hanging from a rope

Em C G
G Em

    G                 C                              G
Now time did pass for Willy as he walked this world alone

    D                G                   C                 G
But time stood still upon the hill where sat poor Lizzie's home

    G                                             Em
And now so still and quiet there stands the open door

    G                             C              G
The dust upon the window pane and shadows on the floor

      G               C                               G
It's eighteen stairs will bring her up to the widow's walk

     D               G           C                 G 
And five windows for a view the rusted steam ship docks

    G                                           Em
Is Lizzy standing by the chair or is she in the hall

    G                            C                 G
Or is she in the corner with her pale face to the wall

G C Em
G Em

G C Em
G Em
Добавлено: 15.06.2016
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