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Ti - I'm Straight (feat. B.G., Pimp C, Young Jeezy) - текст песни, видео

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Ti - I'm Straight (feat. B.G., Pimp C, Young Jeezy) - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Yeah, yeah, uh, aye! What the fuck I gotta worry about now? 
Nigga you think after weatherin' the storm and comin' from the extremes I came from 
You think I'ma call all the way and get scared? Ahah! 
Nah nigga.. I'ma motherfuckin' win 
Nigga if all this shit go out the window right now man 
I'm all too familiar with this shit 
My nigga I'm straight ya dig? Please believe that shit man. Hey! [echoes] 

[Chorus I: T.I.] 
You can keep the car, the clothes, the money and the hoes 
Just gimme a couple of O's, drop me off at the sto' 
And I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt... hey shawty I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt 
Hey you can keep the dancers and the boppers, the plexers and the poppers 
Let me fill up my Impala, boy holla at my partners 
And I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt... hey shawty I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt 

I gotta couple of V's wit' the kits, MPV's on my wrist 
A lot of glamour and glit's, but shawty I don't need that 
My beginnin' was a humble one, a hustler I'ma son of one 
Taught me how to number run, I went from that to number one 
Had a hundred ones, I bought a slab flipped another one 
Sold my little three-eighty east, and said I need another gun 
The littlest in the trap, and got it poppin' like some bubble gum 
Junkies hatin' on my stacks, sayin' I'm nuttin but a young 
Buck, niggaz say, "What?" Then he see me raise up 
Just wanna see the little boy wit' nuts exchange old niggaz whole face soon 
'Cause I spray the nigga's whole face up, wet the nigga from the waist up 
They try you once and you pull a fall, and then tell 'em shaw' don't play wit 'em 
I'm fourteen in the dope game and don't care of catchin' no case bruh 
You can sell to me, that's intentionally, another nigga that it's too late for 
Hey wait bruh, bet any nigga came from that? 
Who lose it all the day, I bet he say he changed from that 

[Chorus II: T.I.] 
Hey you can keep the game and the fame, the haters and the lames 
Just gimme some cocaine and some wood I can slang 
And I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt... hey shawty I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt 
Hey you can keep the clones and the clowns, the throne and the crown 
Well-known in the town that I'm holdin' it down 
So I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt... hey shawty I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt 

Okay now, now when I spit it, I spit it how I live it 
Every verse I ever gave ya, it was fact, nothin' fiction 
I'ma +Livin' Legend+.. no stuntin', no reppin' 
You can check my track record, I'm highly respected 
I'ma gangsta in the game, go ask Lil' Wayne 
Ask Judge Johnson, how many times he saw my face 
For, "pistol here, pistol there," "violation here, violation here" 
Betta ask Rank, I ran the jail when I was there 
I held it down, where-ever I go 
When I'm in the A wit' the +King+, or in Detroit in the snow 
I'ma pro, whether it's movin' snow or movin' 'dro 
That's between me and you, I can get it for the low 
But that's nuttin, everybody say they gotta story 
Mine on "Larry King," theirs is on "Maury" 
At the end of the day, it seems to won't go away 
I guarantee +The Heart of the Streetz+ that you pray 

[Chorus I] 

[Young Jeezy] 
Snowman bitch (bitch), I ride two-seaters (vroom!!) 
It's a cold world, so I keep two heaters (geyeah!) 
I'm straaaiiiggghhhttt, you betta ask somebody (body) 
Matter fact nigga you can just ask me (me) 
A little over aggressive, yeah I just might be 
But half the niggaz in the hood just like me (damn!) 
You wonder why a nigga talk eight balls all day? 
You should try standin' around wit' eight balls all day (YEEEAAAHHH!!) 
Somebody pray for me, I don't know nothin' else (AYE!) 
Why should I help you, when you ain't tryin' to help yourself 
I came in this game, fresh out the streets (yeah) 
Who you kiddin' nigga, I put my life on these beats (YEAH!) 
Fuck bein' broke, this a reality check (check) 
While you mad at ya girl, ya betta check reality (AHAH!) 
Gotta crawl 'fore you walk, you gotta think before you talk 
Damn right they gon' hate (geyeah!), 'cause them niggaz aren't straight 

[Chorus II] 

[Pimp C - talking after song ends] 
Say what it do? Young Pimp C know what I'm talkin 'bout? 
Yeah, nigga want me to speak on some "king" shit, know what I'm sayin'? 
On the cool y'know.. young nigga T.I. jumped out there 
said he was the king of the south 
He ruffled a whole lotta niggaz' feathers 
But niggaz didn't really understand what the nigga was talkin 'bout 
Y'know.. and uh.. so everybody had it twisted but.. 
me I understood from the get go 
That what the nigga was tryin' to put 
in these motherfuckin' stupid ass niggaz' faces!! 
Was the fact that it's a whole bunch of kings down here 
And as long as you takin' care of yo' business and doin' king shit you a king! 
What these niggaz shoulda been tryin' to do was tryin' to get close to the nigga 
And get some understandin' about the type of game 
He was tryin' to put in these motherfuckin' niggaz' ear holes! 
Understand what I'm sayin'? 
So I'm layin' back I'm watchin' the game from the sideline 
Know what I'm talkin 'bout? 
And I'm seein' all these ol' pussy ass niggaz out here 
Talkin 'bout they this and they that, but they really ain't doin' nothin! 
'Cause they motherfuckin' paper ain't right 
When I see them in the street, they diamonds fake! Know what I'm talkin 'bout? 
They shit ain't cut right, ya shit ain't right! 
Shit cloudy and chipped up, know what I'm talkin 'bout? 
And them niggaz talkin 'bout they "trill niggaz" 
Don't even know what the motherfuckin' word mean! 
Know what I'm talkin 'bout? This comin' from the O.G. style trill 
Know what I'm talkin 'bout? Not these ol' fake ass niggaz 
Tryin' to come on the scene later on and tryin' to take glory for some shit 
Some other niggaz paid dues for, know what I'm talkin 'bout? 
So this is what is.. we bringin' Georgia and Texas together 
All you ol' BITCH ASS NIGGAS that ain't down wit' the play 
Move on to the side, all you old school rappers like 'Pac say 
You niggaz flabby, lookin' like Larry Holmes 
BACK YO' BITCH ASS UP!! And, and, and, and move around for the South 
'Cause it's our time to shine, know what I'm talkin 'bout? 
Now let's do this shit!
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