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Ti - Act I (T.I.P.) - текст песни, видео

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Ti - Act I (T.I.P.) - текст песни, видео

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Man I Aint Sign Up For This Shit

I Lost My Partna, I Lost My Life Homie

Man F**k This Shit I'm Done


Listen Homes Get Atlantic On The Phone

Go On Call Em Have Em Tell Craig, Julie, Kevin Carvel I Need To Holla At Em

First I Gotta Let Em Know Im Tired Of Rappin

F**k The Money Ever Since Phil Died I Aint Havin It

Things Happen We Under New Operations

Tho We Ready For Whatever We Like Cooperation 

Betta Listen When I'm Talkin Or Throw It Off

I Aint Patient Ima Tell You Once Then Start Countin Shell Cases

Don't Mean To Scare You But This Bullshit Is Irritating

Ima Tell You Like It Is Shawty I Aint Finna Play

I Feel Another K Coming Round The Corna Anyday

I Know The Consequences I'm The Same Nigga Anyway

It's Way More Important What I'm Finna Say

Do What I Say I Aint Droppin Shit Till 2028

(What The F**k If He Comes On The 20th Or The 28th)

(He Said The Year 2028 F**kin Moron)

And Listen Guys Wanna Be High Shit

It's T.I.P. From Here On Out F**k That T.I. Shit

Give A Damn What That Nigga Got To Say Bout This

T.I. I Think Its Best You Should Stay Out This

Don't Be E-mailin no Itineraries I Wont Get 'Em

Ya Best Bet Is Just Holla When They Fuel The Jet

Tell Cidney Aint No Photo Shoots And I Aint Interveiwin

Refuse Now Be The Sucka Cause A Shooter Doesn't Move

(If You Cash That Check Then Youll Be Spending Our Money)

You Right About That Honey Thanks For Doing That For Me

(And Speaking Of Money)

You Can Always Buy Me Out But The Price High

I Aint Another T.I. Nigga No More Mister Nice Guy

(Listen Kid Understand Me Here)


(This Is Lyor Cohen)

Yeah Yeah

(You Better To Keep Me In This Company With Some Respect)

Ha Ha Ha

(You Better Not Be Playin With My Motha F**kin Money)

Oh I Got Ya Motha F**kin Money Partna But I Aint Playin

You Got Any Sense You'll Do What The F**k I Say, I Say No Goddamn Album 

And That Aint No Threat Thats A Motha F**kin Promise Jack

Come And See Me If You Want It

Get It Like The Red Cross Nigga

(Hustle Pimp)
Добавлено: 31.05.2012
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