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Thunder - Until It Shines - аккорды и текст, видео

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Thunder - Until It Shines - аккорды и текст, видео

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Until It Shines
Artist: Thunder
Title: Until it shines
Album: Giving the game away / Symphony and Stage
Music: Luke Morley
Transcribed: Jim Barrow

This is my attempt at tabbing (or at least chording) this excellent song. 
Just one note- watch the end of the second verse- the little fill is absent 

Intro [Acoustic only]

|Am		|Asus4 Am	|Am		|Asus4 Am

Verse 1

Am			    C
I look in the mirror, I stand 185

D			   Em   C     G	      C    Am	Asus4 Am
I'm glad I'm not too short, I'm glad that I'm alive

Am				   C
Cos sometimes on a bad day I got no self-esteem

D			Em	    C	    G	    C   Am		Asus4 Am
Especially when I see those shiny color magazines

Chorus 1

G			   Dm
Lord, you know I can see the picture now

	 F					    Am
Of the transformation they could do for me

C				 G					 Dm
If I was dumb enough I'd pick up that phone and get in line,

		   Em		  C	   G	    C		Am	Asus4 Am
And they could stretch my sallow skin until it shines

Verse 2

Am		    C
Desire and envy welling up in your heart

D		     Em     C       G		C	     Am	Asus4 Am
You wanna take a hammer to your next door neighbours car

Am					 C
G you dream of the good life, and how the fantasy burns

D				Em C	 G	     C    Am
Makes you gamble on the TV but you never ever learn

Chorus 2 [Electric kicks in on the fills at the end]

G				   Dm
One in a million is better odds than you got

	  F						   Am
But you still believe that this could be the one

C				     G				   Dm
Why don't you just relax and try to conceive the perfect crime

	     Em	  C	  G	    C	     Am	Asus4 Am	Asus4 Am
Or you can rub your lucky charm until it shines

Verse 3 [Electric plays the fill (funky feel), while the acoustic plays Am 
for the whole verse]

You spent your hard earned money on a house of cards

Not knowing which way the wind would blow

Invested all your loving on a crazy whim

And there's no telling where she'll go

Chorus 3

G								 Dm
G you spend your time dreaming, thinking how it used to be

Til you come to know the meaning of regret

    G								    Dm			Am
You convince yourself that everythings going how it ought to be in your head

	 Em  C	   G	    C	     Am
You're polishing the dirt until it shines


|Am		|Am		|Am		|Am
|Dm		|G		|Dm		|Am
|Dm		|G		|E		|E7
|Dm		|G		|Dm		|Am
|Dm		|G		|E		|E7

Outro [Back to acoustic]

Am				   C
All that we're praying for it ain't always what we find

D		     Em	 C	   G	   C	    Am
G all of us sit waiting for the sun until it shines

The fill goes something like this (it helps if you listen to the CD for the 
exact timing).

Am	     Asus4     Am

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