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Thunder - My Darkest Hour - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Thunder - My Darkest Hour - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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My Darkest Hour
Song: My Darkest Hour
Artist: Thunder
Album: Robert Johnson's Tombstone
Tab by: perkins21

This is my attempt at an easier version of this song, for the people that do not want to do the 
Mainly for novice guitarists. I hope some of you guys find this useful. Any queries in the 
comments below.

Em, C, G, F#m x 1
Verse 1
Em          C    G             F#m
In my darkest hour I've never been
Em           C        F#m            B
To places that today I know I've seen
And though it doesn't matter much to you
I wish you could go there too
G                              B
So you could know the emptiness I feel

Verse 2
Em             C      G             F#m
You're the reason why my world caved in
Em          C       F#m         B
Just when I was breathing once again
When you think you've found the real thing
To invest emotions in
G                                    B
It's hard as hell to find out you were wrong

C      B            G            A
How long will this misery carry on?
Am                  C B             G    B
My broken heart lays shattered on the floor
C         B     Em      A
Can't you see you'd have been so right for me?
C                               B
If I hadn't been so quick to let it show

I guess I'll never know

Em, C, G, F#m x 1

Verse 3
Em           C  G             F#m
It's funny how vulnerable you get
Em         C        F#m         B
And I should have seen it coming I admit
So I'll be a slave to my regret
And if I ever get over it
G                             B
I won't let myself be taken in again

C       B       G               A
So sad, I've given it all I have
Am          CB         G         B
But I can't make you love me, that's a fact
C             B        Em      A
I understand, and I wish I'd never shown my hand
Am                                     B
But the past is done and I can't change it so
Am                                      B
What might have been, I guess I'll never know

I'll never know

Em, C, G, F#m x 2

End on Em
Добавлено: 12.07.2015
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