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Three Crosses - Gods House - аккорды и текст, видео

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Three Crosses - Gods House - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gods House
Three Crosses
		   God's House by Three Crosses
Written by: Ralph Barrientos, Ed Nicholson, and Steve Pasch
Tabbed by: Daniel Milner (
Copyright ©1995 Lifesong Music Press

Tuning: one half step down to play with cd

 D                               A             G              A7sus4  A    
There's a poor man with a bible preachin' barefoot in the snow
D                         A                       G                    A7sus4   A
His clothes are torn and tattered but he says he doesn't feel the cold
D                                   A   
The boys on Wall Street call him Moses
       G                       A
He told me his name was Jim
             G                                A   
And he had a smile that seemed to come from within

A rich man passed him by said get a job, man, get a home
and he stood there and looked at Moses amazed at what he saw
Jim smiled and said "dear brother, I have all I need and more
and I have a job, I work for the Lord"

  D               A        G        A
He said we're all livin in God's house
D           A                G               A
He sent his Son to build our faith on solid ground
D                         A          G              A
and I thank the good lord Jesus, who takes away our sins
        G                            A                      
He said if you believe you'll dwell within, in God's house

D, A, G, A, D, A, G

Moses asked the rich man, "Does your house feel like a home
and are there waterfalls and rainbows
and mountains made of stone"
You can build your house of timber, bricks or even gold
but without the spirit, house is not a home


There are footprints on the corner from his bare feet in the snow
they said that Moses died last Saturday
I guess his work was done
a man can gather Earthly riches but Jim had all he needed and more
He had faith, faith in the Lord


In God's house

***Chords used:
D:       XX0232
A:       002220
A7sus4:  002030
G:       320003

***Notes: I usually finger pick the verses and strum the chorus but as long as you 
use these chords it should sound allright.

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