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This Train - Monstertruck - аккорды и текст, видео

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This Train - Monstertruck - аккорды и текст, видео

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This Train
		   Band: This Train
Song: Monstertruck
Album: You're soaking in it!
Words and Music: Mark Robertson

This is really simple... just strum fast. All the chords are barres. The
"D-A" switches can be easily made by playing the barre of A (using the
root E form) and then switching to D, which is played as a barre (in the
root A form) with your index finger and pinkie. It sounds good to me-
let me know of any corrections. See their offical site @ . Aaron

A               D-A
I got me a double-wide
        D                                   A      D-A
You can hardly tell it's a trailer from the inside
                            D                                A
In the mobile park they got plastic pink flamingos that glow in the dark
Sure, I don't have much, but you'll never complain
I'll give your mother a son and your children a name
You'll get a love divine, supreme, deluxe
       E                                   A D-A
It's a love as big as a monstertruck, yeah

Tuesday night's my bowling league
D                               A       D-A
You can come and cheer us on to victory

We got matching shirts
They say "Big Ed's Auto Parts" on the back
'Cause that's where we work
G me and the boys will be playing all night,
Beth, I know that you're lonely, but you'll be alright
If you give me a hug and a kiss for luck
             E                                   A D-A
You'll get a love as big as a monstertruck, yeah
F#                                A
Nice big rooms, air-conditioning, you don't know what you've been missing, baby
F#                                 D              E
You're so sweet, young and nubile, I got plans to make you mobile

A            D-A
It's like paradise
          D                                 A               D-A
And we'll never park the house 'til we find some place nice

Then we'll take off the wheels
   D                                  A
On that day, baby, we'll know how the good life feels
As my 4x rolls down the road of life
I know that I'll be happier when you're my wife
All we'll need is a ring and a dress and a tux
      E                             A D-A
And a love as big as a monstertruck     
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