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This Train - Like It Or Not - таба, видео

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This Train - Like It Or Not - таба, видео

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		   Song:  "Like it or Not"
Group:  This Train
Album:  Your soakin' in it ( 1995 )
Tab by: Jason Hitesman ( )

This song incorperates alot of blues riffs.  Have fun with it. I think I
got my words mixed up but the chorus and bridge are correct wording and
all chords are correct.

tempo= 120 bpm

pm=palm mute
"/"=slide up

            quick      quick
opening: A  (D A)  D   (E D) A

Verse:   A(pm)          
       Well as time goes seems like 
       everything should get easier
       On that same bad day my patients 
                             F#  E
       kinda wear kinda thin.
       A (pm)
       I bug you and you bug me.
       C#               D
       sometimes it the way we feel           walk down
       A(pm)         D        A(pm)          ( g f# e)   E
       when were all fed up...and I'll never give up

Chorus: A                              D       A
        Because I love you whether you like or not
              D                  E                D
        I may get on your nerves untill their all shot
            A                     D  E      F#
        but I'll be there for you no matter what.
              D          E                D
        Cause I love you whether you like it or not. yea 

Verse 2 same chords as Verse 1

Bridge: E     
        I don't care what you say
                  F#      E    D    
        not gonna let you walk way
       D              E
       It's tough to get it wheather you like
       it or not.

Solo: ------------------R|-----------------------------------|

      (---------)4 or 5-|--55---55----55------55----8-5--------------|
Добавлено: 06.07.2013
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