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Thirsty Merc - When The Weather Is Fine - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Thirsty Merc - When The Weather Is Fine - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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When The Weather Is Fine
Thirsty Merc
When the Weather is Fine – Thirsty Merc

Tabbed by – Ben Lundie

It's my first attempt at tabbing, so any corrections or comments please email me on


Verse 1:

C	C7	Am7  Fm	        C
It's been so long, since I have heard your voice.
C	C7    Am    Fm
I'd like to talk, but I might not have the choice.
Am7		    Dm7    Bb		C	           Am	
You turned off your phone, I guess you need some time away.
Am		Dm	Bb	C
I wish you could hear me say


Am		G	          C		Dm
I know that some time, when the weather is fine
          C		       Fm
I will be with you, I'll be with you
Am	      G		C	Dm
No one can see, what the future will be
	C		Fm
But I'll feel for you, I'll feel for you

Verse 2:

C	    C7	Am	          Fm		C
I saw your friends, they said that this was not like you.
C	  C7	     Am 	Fm		
One thing I've learnt, even angels lose their view.
Am7		Dm7	Bb            C		Am
And now you have gone, my days are empty, cold and bleak.
		Dm	Bb	G
To think that we can't even speak, can't even speak.



Am Am7                                    C 		Fm
           I'm just trying to make a contribution
Dm			Dm7
Does that stand for nothing at all.
Am Am7		C         Fm
          I want to say that I love you
Dm		Dm7
But I feel like I can't talk.

Добавлено: 22.04.2012
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