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Theatre Of Tragedy - Silence - текст песни, видео

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Theatre Of Tragedy - Silence - текст песни, видео

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This interference's shifting 
A soft accent cascading 
A second glimpse of falling TVs 
Draws me in too easily 
Some kind of nonchalance 
Contains my will to chance 
The avidity of youth 
The naïvety of you 

Somewhere where silence ended is where I reassemble 
My lens to take your photograph 
Which I throw away autographed 
And there's an illegal tender 
And there's a senseless sensor 
And there's a notion we don't need 

And they leave just like you 
Never come undone 
You deceive just like me 
Next to me 
Though I'll never even see you 
Next to you 
Never seen such beauty 

Two persons in a vista 
The third one says she's hollow 
A moist and lashing spoken tongue 
The words silent since I was young 
In the flickerlight we're interlaced and face to face 
Someone is blurring now, abiding time as I avow 
And there's a soft surrender 
And there's a stark contender 
And there are notions we do need 

I will never come undone
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