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The Willis Clan - The Rambler - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Willis Clan - The Rambler - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Rambler
The Willis Clan
I love this song.
First I wanted to write the tabs of the solos, but finally I've tried to transpose them into chords, so
it would be for non professionnal -as I am- to play the song and the instrumental part (though there are no
mistake of course).
I spent a long time trying to do this and even if it's not perfect, hope you'll appreciate.

Good play !
(If someone could give me the words of "hundred times better with you", as I'm not a very good english
speaker that would help me to find the chords too).

Normal tuning, CAPO ON 4:

written by Jessica Willis

GGG (guitar only)
Flute: D D Am D
       D D  D Am G
           D D  D  Am 
       F7M  E  A (the 3 chords fast)
           Dm Dm D-Am
         C    D

C              D                        Dm           C
There once was a lad who lived in the mountains
    F                    Dm                   G
Ran through the valleys and played in the fountains
  C                 Dm        E7               
A merry adventurer wild and free 
  C                 Dm            C
The rambling life and him did agree

Music: C D

  C               D    Dm        C           
Of love he was sworn to never acquire
 F                        Dm            G  
Free from the chains of a sweetheart's desire
   C               Dm            E7             
Many a woman was sorely dismayed
   C                Dm                  C
The lively young lad they could not dissuade

Music: D G Dm D
       Em D  G
           D D G        F7M E A (fast)
           Dm D Am
   C            D          Dm         C                    
One morning in june while out on the water
   F                            Dm               G   
The boy caught a glimpse of the mayor's own daughter
   C               F               E7   
In all of his travels he never had seen
 C                  Dm                    C    
A sight like the lassie that stood on the green

  C               D         Dm              C       
He rowed back to shore so determined to find her
 F                   Dm            G    
Into the town he endeavored to spy her
    C                   Dm          E7       
Soon he arrived at her father's own door
     C                Dm                   Am      
The home of the girl he had seen on the shore

Music: D G Dm D
       Em D  G
           D D G       F7M E A (fast)
           Dm D Am
   C               D           Dm       C
He knocked at the door and spoke to her father
  F                     Dm            G      
Requesting permission to call on his daughter
    C                      Dm       E7      
But the mayor refused and try as he may
  C                     Dm             Am     
The lad was condemned for his rambling way

Music: D G   D G

  C            D            Dm         C              
He turned in dismay at a loss how to win her
    F            Dm                    G  
Once all contented his heart turning bitter
         C                Dm           E           
When who should call out from the window above
   C                    Dm               C                  
But the maid he desired and wished now to love


C                D            Dm                C            
Pray tell is it true that you roam through the mountains
  F                           Dm           G      
Run through the valleys and play in the fountains
    C                            Dm      F7M     
It's long that I've wished to be wild and free
C                     Dm             Am      
For a rambler's wife I've wanted to be

Music: D G Dm D
       Em D  G
           D D G     F7M E A (fast)
           Dm D Am
C                D            Dm                C            
With no more ado they ran off together
  F             Dm                      G      
Contented to live in the hills and the heather
    C                          Dm          E7       
And long was their happiness free from all strife
   C                              Dm      Am      
With adventures aplenty from the rambling life

Music: D G Dm D
       Em D  G
           D D G    F7M E A (fast)
           Dm D Am
           End with a C
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