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The Wilburn Brothers - My Favorite Memory - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Wilburn Brothers - My Favorite Memory - аккорды и текст, видео

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My Favorite Memory
The Wilburn Brothers
G                                 C            
Once in life you meet someone who gives to you

    G                                  D7
The reason for that life and what some love can do

   G                                    C
So now I'm armed for trouble times with all I need

    G                D7       C
For I'll have you my favorite memory

        C                         G
You gave me something time can never take from me

    C                                   D7               
A light that guides me when it's dark and I can't see

G                           C
When I'm cold and have to hold to comfort me

G                        D7       G
Cause you'll be there my favorite memory

Your lips were sweet your arms were warm I tasted life

    G                                            D7
You have my heart in every dream I dream each night

       G                                  C             
Though something calls out yonder now and I must leave

       G            D7       G
You'll always be my favorite memory

    C                                   G  
Now don't you cry it's not goodbye it's just so long

     C                                  D7
I'll take you with me where I'll travel from now on

G                                       C
Cause when I close my eyes at night and go to sleep

G                     D7       G
You're lying there my favorite memory
Добавлено: 22.04.2016
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