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The White Buffalo - Joey White - аккорды и текст, видео

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The White Buffalo - Joey White - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joey White
The White Buffalo
"Joey White" by The White Buffalo
from the album Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways

Capo on the 3rd fret
For the strumming pattern listen to the song.

~ chords with this sign strum only once then pause

E B7 E B7 E B7 E B7

E    B7     E                    B7
Joey White, well he ain't got no choices
E             B7            E               B7
Just like his daddy did, he joins the armed forces
E          B7   E        B7
Gonna be a man, oh not a zero
E         B7   E               B7
For Uncle Sam, well he'll be a hero
He don't know that Uncle Sam is a cartoon and not a man
               E B7 E B7
Poor Joey White

E       B7     E                    B7
Oh Joey White, you better bite your tongue
E              B7
You don't know jack, boy
       E               B7
You're young, dumb and full of cum
E              B7    E           B7
Better step in line, go with the others
E               B7                 E                B7
Gonna fight for freedom, son, your country and your brothers
Here's your boots and here's a gun

Learn when to fight, learn when to run
               E B7 E B7
Poor Joey White

Well he got two years in the sand,
                                            E B7 E B7
And it will surely change his plans for life

E    B7     E                B7
Joey White, well he gets his orders
E         B7               E               B7
Grab your things and we'll meet you at the border
E        B7   E          B7
Kill 'em all, no quarter given
E        B7              E                B7
Shoot on sight, boy, let God sort out the livin'
Told ya no one's keeping score

This ain't no game, well this is war
              E B7 E B7
For Joey White

Yeah, from below and from the sky

Hear drums and bullets fly
Oh a scream of battle cry

Bodies burn and brothers die
               E B7 E B7 E B7 E B7 E B7 E B7 (strum hard)
Poor Joey White

E    B7     E                   B7
Joey White, well you better run faster
E             B7             E~
You can't run fast enough to avoid this grave disaster
E         B7    E               B7
Well in a flash blood soaks his shirt
E            B7              E                B7
Drops to his knees, now he's face down in the dirt
Now his only freedom blurred
                                            E B7 E B7
Gets to leave this Hell on Earth still alive

Now his heart's filled up with lead

He got demons in his head
For life
Добавлено: 20.07.2015
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