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The White Buffalo - Joe And Jolene - аккорды и текст, видео

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The White Buffalo - Joe And Jolene - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joe And Jolene
The White Buffalo
The White Buffalo - Joe and Jolene

INTRO: C   G   C   G

C                      G
Listen, here's another hard luck tune
C                                              G
Joe lost his job and now he just drinks in the afternoon
        C                          G
He just sits on the porch, staring out at the blue
C                                                   G
Toasting the day, 'til the day goes away, then he's toasting the moon
           F                       G                    C
Oh, so his wife up and left just a little too soon, for Joey

Jolene, she ain't had no easy ride
     C                                                         G
When Joe lost his shit and his heart seemed to split, well she stood by his side
    C                         G
And Jolene, well you know she ain't no nun
    C                                                                G
She drinks in the car and she'll dance on the bar and she's still as hot as the sun
        F                              G
Oh, she hopes and she prays that he'll pull it through
            F                                   G              C
Oh, how her feelings ebb and flow just like the rivers do, for Joey

Joey rolls up his sleeve
I still got your name tattooed
The ink's faded and grey
But it's still serenading you
And a love so true
        G                     C     G   C   G  
Ah, for me and you, Joe and Jolene

C                   G
Jolene you're all I ever had
     C                                             G
It's understood, you're the only thing good, in my world filled with bad
  C                     G
Jolene, without you I'm all alone
          C                                                  G
You're my love, you're my wife with you in my life, well I'm always at home
                 F                          G
Oh, I'll put the bottle down, well I'll get straight for you
             F                           G                                 C
Oh, now that you've come home, let's celebrate with one or two, to Joe and Jolene

OUTRO: G   C   G   C   G   C   G   C
Добавлено: 20.07.2015
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