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The Wailin Jennys - What Has Been Done - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Wailin Jennys - What Has Been Done - аккорды и текст, видео

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What Has Been Done
The Wailin Jennys
Asus2               Am
Half mile from the riverside
Dm                     Am
Square wood building hard and white
Asus2               Am
I'll take water, I'll take night
Dm                      Am
I will swim through snow and ice

Asus2           Am
Laid your story down on me
Dm                     Am
forced inside the good belief
Asus2          Am
Now I only dream my words
Dm                      Am
fly away like blackened birds

      Am                 C                Dm          Am                                
Oh I feel these lessons burn inside the person I've become
Dm                        G            Am
Edges curl and darken as I do what has been done

Asus2                 Am
Cheek on floorboard, hand in fire
Dm                Am
little sister dressed in white
Asus2              Am
Last day she was seen alive
Dm              Am
walking to the riverside
         Am            C                Dm          Am    
We will never get to hide from it no matter how we run
Dm                                   G            Am
All things come to find us and we'll do what has been done

Asus2           Am
Have your holy, I'll have mine
Dm                 Am
soil and birch and open sky
Asus2           Am
All our stories some day go
Dm                    Am
dust from air and earth from bone

       Am                C                Dm                  Am    
Oh I hear the ancients calling that we'll know from where we've come
Dm                             G            Am
There on that horizon we will see what has been done
Добавлено: 30.05.2015
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