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The Violet Burning - Goldmine - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Violet Burning - Goldmine - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Violet Burning
One of my all time most favorite bands
Remember to feel the vibe...

Riff 1:
         Dsus      D     Gsus

If you pluck or pick using the chords you can a similar music feel. 
(Pluck the bass string with the higher strings)

Riff 2:
     G                 D               Em    C

Chord versions used in this tab:

Dsus: 0,0,0,2,3,3
Gsus: 4,3,0,0,4,4

(Verse chord are only eluded to in various parts of the song, and played scantily)

G       Em
Take me, to the other side
      G        Em
And show me,  all those things inside
       G                  Em
By the light of the moon, hold my shaking hand
But close to me

----------Riff 1----(see tab above)-- used in this section-------

Em            D        Dsus D Gsus
I do not understand
Dsus  D   Gsus    Dsus D Gsus
Being like angels
               Dsus  D  Gsus
Lined up in my head          and wanting to
Dsus    D         Gsus      
sit   inside your heart  and wanting to 
Dsus    D         Em
sit   inside your heart

Verse 2:

G           Em
Goldmine, I see that you are bright
     G               Em  
Just don't say, that it's not worth a fight
G                          Em
Will I ever shine, in your eyes?
G               Em            D      Dsus D Gsus 
Don't leave me, Oh don't hide tonight
                       Dsus D Gsus
I don't really hate you
                Dsus D Gsus
I hate what I do
               Dsus  D         Gsus
I'm wanting to sit inside your heart
           Dsus  D         Em
Wanting to sit inside your heart

G                           D               Em
Words that you say, I could never forget you
G                             D            Em 
Don't turn away, please, just let me inside   you
                 G                          D              Em
(No matter what )words that you say I could never forget you

--------Riff 2--(see tab above)---fades into 
and played on top of next part----

G  D                    Em    
   Under your skin I'll go
 I will always love you
G  D                   Em  
   Into your eyes I'll go
I will always
G  D                   Em    C
   If I could be where you are
G            D                             
Love me, you move me
Em        C                     G
Crush me, bend me, please don't break me
D         Em
Goldmine, goldmine
   C                 G      D  Em
If I could be where you are
   C                 G        D  Em
If I could find what you hide
C            G    D 
You leave me   breathless
Em          C                         
Breathless, behind your eyes
G  D                     Em
     Don't hide your eyes
C          G  D           Em
You leave me  You leave me

C         G
Dazzled, breathless
D               Em C               G  
Behind your eyes   Behind your eyes  
D   Em           C   G....fade....into Minor..
Behind your eyes(repeat and fade)

Under your skin
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