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The Taxpayers - The Windows Break - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Taxpayers - The Windows Break - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Windows Break
The Taxpayers
Your ring finger should stay on the B string most of the time.


At the 3rd verse it is optional to switch between the previous chords and these chords.
    D      D/Db       E7     G
e   10      9       0    0   3
B   10      9       0    3   3
G   11      11      1 or 1   4
D   12      12      0    2   5
A   12      12      3    2   5
E   10      9       0    0   3

The 3rd and 4th verses mainly, but the entire song is probably not 100% correct and I am unsure of. Feel free to make corrections.

D Asus4 Em7 G x2

D                  Asus4
Piles and piles of old magazines
Em7                   G
Windows locked up and hidden from the street.
D                   Asus4
In a crawlspace, forgotten money.
        Em7                       G
People tensing and waiting to come back home.
        D        Asus4           Em7
You can feel the tension in the house
     G                         D         Asus4
the moment you walk through the door.
         Em7             G
Sudden madness allow me in again.

         D           Asus4          Em7               G6
When the first train flies past the house, miles away
              D                          Asus4      
the screaming starts and it feels like a minefield, 
     Em7                 G
the neighbors silently hiding in the shadows.
          D                   Asus4
There's a person locked in, behind that door -
         Em7                G
Don't let anybody catch you turning the handle.
       D           Asus4                     Em7                G
It's a long, long night. It's going to be an awful and lonely night.

               D                      D/Db can blot out the years and abandon the jungle
E7                       G
Cover up the tapes and refuse to look back,
         D         Asus4             Em7      G
but your own right hand is not gonna save your soul.
              D                    D/Db
You have been followed! Ah, the mechanics.
         E7                     G
All the reactions that seem to attach themselves.
            D                   Asus4                     Em7         G
It's been a very very very long year and it's gonna be an even longer night.

                       D                  Asus4
And then a screen door slams; the windows break.
             Em7                      G
A woman just jumps and scrapes at the hood of a car.
         D                   Asus4                    Em7                G
When the car backs up into a streetlight, all of the neighbors call the cops.
           D                  Asus4
She falls off and the car speeds away
               Em7                  G
Headed for the border of a far away state.
           D                                Asus4                        Em7
It's gonna mean an hour of freedom with the radio and quarter-filled gas tank.
And a quarter filled gas tank
With the high beams on
                    Asus4 A
And the windows down...

D Asus4 Em7 G x2
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