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The Silver Seas - Catch Yer Own Train - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Silver Seas - Catch Yer Own Train - аккорды и текст, видео

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Catch Yer Own Train
The Silver Seas
Let me just say that this was my first time doing any chords, so these chords aren't the 
best, but if you can improve them, please message me and I will fix them.

[C] [Am] [C] [Am]

[Am]         [D]
I wish I was strong
         [Am]           [D]
Would've known from the start
Instead of waiting so long
To reveal what's behind
            [Am]      [D]
But there's no use in talking
                    [E]   [D]
You've made up your mind

             [E]    [Am]    [D]
Baby you and I (are not the same)
                     [E]    [Am]     [D]
You say you like the sun (I like the rain)
             [E]           [Am] [D]
So before we go through it all again
                     [Am][D]   [E]
You better catch yer own train

I wish I was light
I would shine through this tunnel
To the light on the other side
I would brake down this wall
So it could finally see
The truth of it all


[G] [F] [G] [F]

Добавлено: 26.08.2013
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