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The Scene Aesthetic - Walk This Town - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Scene Aesthetic - Walk This Town - аккорды и текст, видео

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Walk This Town
The Scene Aesthetic
*****Listen for strum pattern, its simple but has a little palm mute thrown in there
Em:     020033   This is some variation of Em7..maybe suspended?
C:      032033
Dsus4/F: 200233
Asus4:   002033    Not sure if thats the name.
Dsus4:   000233

Intro: Em C (x3) (he does a cool picking it's pretty easy, and uses these chords)

Verse 1:

                Em   C   
You're getting sick and tired
    Em     C
of being bossed around and gettin' told what to do
     Em   C
you're uninspired
        Em       C
as the words that they are sayin' start to get to you

Verse 2:

             Em    C
you've got a big, big heart
         Em         C
and you share it with the world but they don't share with you
       Em   C
you start crying now
          Em     C
'cause you can't understand why anyone could be so cruel
but soon decide to get it

Chorus (x2):
And we will walk this town,
     C                             Em
our fears that everyone will come knocking down 
our dreams but we won't let them 
          Asus4/ Em/  C
we'll sing oh   oh  no
                             Asus4/ Em/  C
yeah we'll keep singing baby no   they  won't

INTRO (x2)

Verse 3:

            Em   C
I love the things you say  
           Em         C
when you're talking to someone you think has lost their way
              Em   C
you've got the perfect smile
            Em     C  
that has driven every boy in town to all go wild
        Asus4               Em                  C
I still wish that you'd believe in you as much as you believed in me



C                          Em
   I know the look in your eye
and I can tell that you're disappointed
C                       Em
   I've got a feeling inside
and I know we're gonna break through this

C                    Em
  Ill emphasize these words
so you know that your not alone
Добавлено: 18.07.2012
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