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The Putrid Flowers - Feeling Like A Vampire - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Putrid Flowers - Feeling Like A Vampire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Feeling Like A Vampire
The Putrid Flowers

It all began on a rainy Sunday in New Orleans,
               C          G       Dm                         Am
Thats when our hero had a baby, a girl she would baptize and keep
Who in turn would have a baby before she'd turn 18
       C                 G     Dm                  Am
Who in turn went fuckin' crazy trying to make ends meet
Who in turn would take a dayjob and at night would turn to the streets

(And we)
F             C            G               Am
Knew her as a Vampire, the last one of our mold
F                C        G            
We knew her as a Vampire, lost and all alone
F              C                  G                Am
We were at St. Bonaventure on the day she sold her soul
F                        C                  G
The sky was dark and the summer breeze grew cold

In the day, she was a research assistant for Professor McGee
        C              G         Dm               Am
Who was famed for bein part of a growing suburban elite
Who rested on their laurels on some feigned suburban mystique

F              C           G              Am
Dressed like a Vampire she ran out on her own
F                    C               G               
Straight through the sunshine to the darkness of her home
F              C                G                 Am
She thanked JD Salinger for the endless stream of quotes
F             C                    G
Everytime she stumbled through his prose
She thought about this boy we used to know

SOLO: F - C - G - G - Bb - Am - Ab - Ab - F

(from a long long time ago!)

CHORUS (Raise all Chords)
              F#          C#             Ab                Bbm
Who died in a war for the Empire so they mailed his medals home
F#                  C#          Ab               
Who cut a deal with Lucifer who raised up all his bones
F#                 C#                  Ab           Bbm
Who dressed like a salamander with his multicolored clothes
F#                      C#            Ab
But all-in-all he was a safe suburban clone!

F#                C#             Ab             Bbm
And when you're a Vampire you're always on your own
F#            C#           Ab
When you're a Vampire they won't leave you alone
F#            C#             Ab             Bbm
When you're a vampire you're always on your toes
F#            C#             Ab
When you're a Vampire you're owned!

And I've been feelin like a vampire!

For the solo (Sorry, I don't really know how to tab, so I'm only going to do a little)


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