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The Mygales - Rockrou - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Mygales - Rockrou - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Mygales
Music Lucas Gerber/Fabrice Perotto
Lyrics Fabrice Perotto

Gm                Dm         Eb         Cm
Girl, give me the key of the car, I go away
I dream, to rule the world to see the stars, to fell the stage
Girl, give me the key of the car, I go away
I dream want my feets and my hands on the boulevard

Gm              Dm
I can't wait anymore
           Eb             Cm
I love you so, but I must go
Gm                   Dm
I'm like a bird in a cage
          Eb            Cm
My only thought is to escape

Girl I write you from a little town called L.A.
Here I found the way to the glory, I found the truth

I'm blinded by lights in my face
Every days every nights
Only lust in my life
I'm on the top, I'm on the roof

Girl, I don't know why, I'm a bit down, I'm a bit tired
Girl I don't know why nobody listen to my new songs

It will be better next day, 
next month or next year
I'don't regret what's happening, 
never regret, never regret

Gm Dm Eb Dm Cm 4X

Girl, open the door of your home, I'm comming back
I'm tired of this world of pasteboard, of Jumping Jack

Don't care about my broken dreams, 
I'm still in love, still loving you
Open the door please my dear,    
Don't let me here, don't let me here
Добавлено: 01.11.2013
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