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The Mock Turtles - Can U Dig It - таба, видео

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The Mock Turtles - Can U Dig It - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
     Can U Dig IT? - The Mock Turtles      tabbed by
UnholySmoke      Feb '03

 Standard tuning
     This is a great tune from 1991, from the album
'Turtle Soup.' It's a
 reworked B-side of the Mock Turtles' first big hit,
'Lay Me Down,' and it's
 about to be re-released after having been in the new
Vodafone advert. Head to for
more about the band and
 the tune.

     All chords are played as low on the fretboard as
possible. The bass is all 
 over the shop in this one, which makes some of the
chords a bit tough to pick 
 out, especially in bits like the middle 8 and the
solo. There's a keyboard part
 played over the top of the verses and most of the
chorus, but it doesn't come
 off too well played on the guitar. Suffice to say
it's the scale of E - the 
 4th, 5th and 7th frets of the high E string are there
or thereabouts. There's 
 also a Keyboard playing some rhythm - best heard
during the middle 8,  which is 
 E and D Note the difference between the first chorus
and the second  and third 
 - there's an extra run round the C#m bit; the line
'You keep insisting  on 
 everything.' Not also that the verse and chorus
     The toughest part of the whole thing is the
intro, which is finger-picked
 very fast, varies pretty much every time it's played,
and is also strangely 
 timed in places - it's not exactly as it 'feels' like
it should be. 

 Intro/Main Riff - Crunchy, mid-scooped tone, finger





 Round twice, then drums and ascending bass intro

 Then second guitar comes in, similar sound to guitar

    E B F#m A

 Verse 1

    E        A    F#m          A          

    Ca---an           you understand me now?
    I'll get it through someho---ow

    Yo------ou      won't ever get me down
    Won't see me hangin' arou-------nd

 Chorus - with Intro riff

            E       B     F#m     A

    Can you dig it?  (Oh yeah)

    Can you dig it?  (Oh yeah)

    Can you dig it?  (Oh yeah)

            c#m      B        A
    Can you dig it - what I'm saying?

    C#m                 B     A

        One little kiss isn't anything

    I won't be sad


    But someone ...

 This is played in each chorus where the 'x' 
 appears above - plenty of reverb;

      C#m       B      A

 Verse 2

    E     A   F#m            A
    See          how big and s...
    I'm standing on my own

 Chorus 2

    E  B  F#m  A

    Can you dig it?  (Oh yeah)

    Can you dig it?  (Oh yeah)

    Can you dig it?  (Oh yeah)

            c#m      B        A

    Can you dig it - what I'm saying?

    C#m                 B     A

        One little kiss isn't anything

    C#m                 B     A

        You keep insisting on everything


    I won't be sad


    But someone turned the lights on

 Middle 8 & Solo

 Fingerpicky intro riff as above - Played twice over
continuous E chord, 
 then D Chord, with zooming bass. The riff is
*slightly* varied from the
 other times it's played, but it's so quick as to not
be that

 Solo, plenty of reverb and work that wah baby!


 Played twice over B, twice over A, then twice over D

 Chorus 3

 As Chorus 2

 Then four times:


    Can you dig it?

          And there it is - choon! Comments?
Suggestions? Abuse? Direct
 it all my way -

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