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The Menzingers - Where Your Heartache Exists - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Menzingers - Where Your Heartache Exists - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Where Your Heartache Exists
The Menzingers

Capo 2

G               Em
My girl she's a good one,
C                  G
she's always on my mind,
she is a rose and I am a stone,
she's always poking her head out
    G          D
and striking a pose,

G                       Em
I'm always plucking her petals,
    C                          G
and some nights we fall out of love,
some nights I sleep in her arms,
C                                   G
some nights I sleep on the couch.

G C Em
G C Em

       G                       Em
Well I spent that night in our past life,
C                               G
wringing out the years from our shoes,
in the distance yo lived with my signature
            C                    G         D
penned on a treaty that kept our armies at rest,

    G                    Em
but I was a pushy little one,
         C                     G
when you tried to find someone new,
I just kind of waited around for you,
        C                                      G 
because what else was I suppose to do?

G C Em
G C Em

C      G          D         Em
I know where your heartache exists,
     C              G       D              Em
it's when you are alone and when you're around me.

Em               C                D
I saw it in your face the day we parked your car
       G               Em
on the shoulder by the reservoir,
    C              D
and in my mouth my words did hide
    G              Em
for fear of being recognized. 
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