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The Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays The Fool - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays The Fool - аккорды и текст, видео

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Everybody Plays The Fool
The Main Ingredient
"EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL" by The Main Ingredient from the 1972 album "Bitter Sweet"

       C F C F       

    C                      F
Ok, so you're heart broken
               C               F
You sit around mopin', cryin', cryin'
    C                                    F                       
You say you're even thinking about dying
                             C     F
Well, before you do anything rash, dig this:

F    G7             C         E7
Everybody plays the fool, sometime
F            G7             C     E7   
There's no exception to the rule, listen baby
F         G7                 C      E7
It may be factual, it may be cruel, I ain't lying
F    G7             C     F
Everybody plays the fool

                           C                F
Fallin' in love is such an easy thing to do
                                  C                           F
But there's no guarantee that the one you love, is gonna love you
    Em               Am           Em                   Am
Oh, loving eyes they cannot see a certain person could never be
Dm                                  G7
Love runs deeper than any ocean, it clouds you're mind with emotion

                              C                    F
How can you help it, when the music starts to play
                    C                 F
And your ability to reason, is swept away
    Em                 Am                  Em                 Am
Oh, heaven on earth is all you see, you're out of touch with reality
    Dm                            G7
And now you cry, but when you do, next time around someone cries for you

Everybody plays the fool, sometime
You use your heart just like a tool, listen baby
They never tell you so in school, I wanna say it again,
Everybody plays the fool

Добавлено: 05.10.2013
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